The MET-U1A Ultrasonic Hardness tester differs completely from traditional hardness testers. Instead of measuring the size of the indentation of the test sample using a microscope, it uses a diamond indentor mounted on a vibrating rod that presses on the test surface at a fixed load and then measures its hardness by applying ultrasonic vibrations and analyzing its damping effect.

  • Hardness measurements of metals and alloys on standardized hardness scales:
  • Rockwell (HRC), Brinell (HB), Vickers (HV) and Shore (HSD)
  • Three additional scales H1, H2, H3 for calibration of selfdefined hardness scales/materials
  • Rm scale for determination of tensile strength
  • Typically suitable for components that are inaccessible for dynamic hardness testers (small articles, structures with thin walls, pipes, reservoirs, steel sheets etc.)
  • Leaves no visible indent on the tested article surface (crankshafts necks, mirrored surface, knives)

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