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PVC mixer tests Reproducibility and influence of test conditions.


A laboratory mixer is the ideal measuring tool for testing fusion behavior, compound stability, and processing behavior of PVC formulations. A laboratory mixer is very sensitive to any changes caused by the compound formulation or any changes in the dry blend components, such as the resin, additives used, and additional fillers. Laboratory mixers are also sensitive to changes that are caused by incorrect handling. To achieve reliable test results, it is imperative that the mixer is handled in a reproducible manner.


This application note shows examples of reproducible mixer tests and provides examples of how changes in the testing conditions influence measuring results.


For these investigations, the following equipment configuration

was used:

• Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ PolyLab™ OS RheoDrive™ 7 OS

• Torque sensor for HAAKE PolyLab OS, 400 Nm

• PolySoft OS Mixer Test and Data Evaluation Software

• HAAKE Rheomix 600 OS

• Roller rotors

• Pneumatic ram

• Sample material—rigid PVC dry blend (typically used to

produce window profiles)



RheoSense, Inc about Accurate Estimation of Injectability (Syringeability) from High Shear Viscosity Measurement.

In protein therapeutics, major resources are dedicated toward the development of self-injection formulations for:

• Sustainable Release

• Subcutaneous Injection

When sustainable release and subcutaneous injection are achieved, the concentration of protein inevitably increases, causing an increase in viscosity.

In this application note, we take a close look at how protein formulation viscosity affects the injection force, and we will demonstrate how to use the viscosity measurement to determine the necessary injection force required for the given solution.

Using the small sample viscometer, m-VROC™, from RheoSense, it is possible to accurately estimate the injection force necessary using data collected from viscosity measurements.

AFM Contribution Toward Battery Recycling by Measuring The Force Between Microbubbles and Flat/Rough Surfaces_Nanosurf (Switzerland)

This paper addresses the complex field of battery recycling and deals with the difficult task of recovering valuable metals such as cobalt, nickel and lithium from the residues of pyrometallurgical recycling processes.


However, a major scientific challenge has been to accurately quantify the wetting properties and adhesion force between EnAM crystals or more generally, particles and binding liquid droplets. To overcome this challenge, the FlexAFM in combination with the FluidFM® (Fluidic Force Microscopy) has proven to be a highly accurate tool that provides insight into the dynamics of wetting and adhesion at the microscale.


HAAKE Rheology-Raman Spectroscopy: Tracking emulsion stability_HAAKE (Germany)


The stress-strain response of complex fluids is closely linked to changes in their physical or chemical structure. That means rheological measurements are even more useful when combined with simultaneous measurement of physical or chemical properties affecting flow.


Raman spectroscopy is a powerful noninvasive technique to probe chemical information in many soft matter substances, including emulsions. Such samples are often sensitive to temperature and flow history, so simultaneous measurements are not only faster but help minimize variation and ensure reliable results.

• Investigate structural changes and mechanical behavior simultaneously

• Follow shear induced phase transitions

• Predict the stability of emulsions as a function of shear and temperature

• Study the kinetics of chemical reactions under defined conditions


Thermal analysis under Hydrogen.

If your research topic related to BCG (Bio-Circular-Green) especially the interaction of materials with hydrogen such as the application to use hydrogen to migrate high CO2 


emissions from metallurgical processes through direct reduction, Chemical hydrogen storage using metal hydrides as well as hydrogen adsorption/desorption kinetics and the life cycle of potential materials, 


This new setup with NETZSCH STA 449 would be the best solution. Please feel free to find more technical info on attached article.


Continuous twin-screw extrusion and rheological analysis of electrode slurries for lithium-ion battery manufacturing

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are widely used in portable electronics, electric vehicles due to high energy density and long cycle life.  Manufacturing good slurry is one of a main process for making LIBs.


Advantages of Using Continuous Twin-Screw Compounding for Making Electrode Slurries 

1. Finer dispersion

Twin-screw extruders provide better distributive and dispersive mixing than dissolvers.

2. Reduced amount of solvents

Solvent drying and recycling is highly energy consumption.

Strong shear forces acting onto the materials allow to reduce the solvent content of electrode pastes.

3. Scalability 

Volume to surface ratio varies less than in batch mixers.

Good scalability from lab to production 


Rheological Analysis of Battery Slurries 

Rotational and oscillatory rheometer enables the quantification of the viscoelastic properties needed to 

Verify a proper mixing and a homogeneous distribution of active components within the electrode slurries.

Predict storage behavior and stability.

Understand behavior during the coating process.



Slot Die Coating for Battery Development

Batteries are devices that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy through electrochemical reactions. They are used in a wide variety of applications, including portable electronics, electric vehicles, and stationary energy storage systems.


Advantages of slot die coating:

Can compare across different size scales from lab-scale to pilot-scale

Alternative devices for small sample size

High reproducibility and switching between different coating parameters without loss of accuracy

Roll-to-roll adaptations of our alpha and sigma machines make scale-up to pilot production seamless

Full pilot-scale coating line with the ability to customize


At FOM Technologies, we offer a wide variety of slot-die coating products. Whether you’re coating electrodes, developing solid electrolytes, working under ambient conditions, or you require an inert glovebox environment or dry rooms, we can provide premium slot-die solutions to meet your specific needs.



Advanced simulation – deeper understanding for improved coatings design.

Analytical modelling utilizing the effective indenter concept for stress calculations is a powerful tool for getting the most out of nanomechanical and nano-tribological tests [1]. Key strengths of the NanoTest design (such as high lateral rigidity for straight scratch tracks, ultra-low thermal drift at elevated temperature etc.) enable production of high-quality artefact-free data to be used as direct input to the physical-based models. 


The detailed simulated stress distributions enable data to be interpreted more effectively. They can provide mechanistic information which can be the key to unlocking exactly where and why coatings systems fail in and fretting tests, and then to designing coatings with improved performance.

 Micro Materials have worked with SIO, an innovative modelling company who have developed these models and the accompanying intuitive software interface, to fully integrate this advanced modelling capability to the NanoTest system. 


In this Technical Note we illustrate some of the possibilities from combining the advanced modelling with the NanoTest data on hard PVD coatings and bulk metallic materials.



Studying the particle size distribution of a polystyrene suspension based on sedimentation.

Most suspensions are polydisperse systems, meaning that solid particles of various sizes are dispersed in a fluid. A particle size distribution study yields insights into the width of the particle distribution. Such studies enable the analysis of powders, granular materials, and particles suspended in liquids in great detail. Particle size distribution studies are used in research and quality control in many industries, including the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and food industry. In this application note, a MultiScan MS 20 dispersion stability analysis system from the German manufacturer DataPhysics Instruments is used to analyze the particle size distribution of polystyrene particles in water.





New Product Launching "GÖTTFERT mi1

GÖTTFERT mi1- The Most Compact Melt Flow Indexer with Highest Precision!

 A melt flow indexer with high end measuring relevant components and highest precision by using minimal automation modules.

The Technical Highlight:

Ergonomic compact housing & design 

MFR & MVR measurement according to ISO1133 & ASTM D1238 – Procedure A-B-C

Determination of Melt Density 

High resolution displacement transducer 0.003mm/impulse

Multifunction button for handling of measurements and for visual display of device statues





5 Reasons Why Fontijne Presses Laboratory Presses are the Best Sustainable Choice

In today’s era of sustainability, choosing environmentally friendly instruments is crucial for laboratories, R&D facilities, and production environments. Fontijne Presses, renowned for their innovative and reliable solutions for sample preparation for applications such as polymers, rubbers, PEM and much more, offers laboratory presses that provide an excellent sustainable choice.


We will present five top reasons why Fontijne Presses laboratory presses are an exceptional sustainable option for any laboratory or R&D facility. 


1. Energy efficiency

2. Small footprint

3. Low energy consumption

4. Low maintenance requirements

5. Sustainable materials handling



NETZSCH (Thermal Analysis) got GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2024 !!!

One of the most important award for the scientific instrument company is "GERMAN DESIGN AWARD", this award have proved that NETZSCH continuously improve performance of Thermal Analysis's products to serve customer as much as possible to extend all research and development opportunity. Here are list of key success of this awards:


NETZSCH DSC 300 Caliris:

Easy Exchange Module (Sensor & Furnace) by enduser POsto extend measuring range and capabiity of instrument 

Integrate AutoEvaluation software inside the microprocesson on Color touch scree display

LED Status bar

Automatic Sample Changer (ASC) up to 196 positions


NETZSCH DMA 303 Eplexor

Max. Dynamic and Static force 50 N (4 times higher compare to the previous model)

Excellent force resolution for 0.01 mN (30 times higher)

+/- 2,500 micro-m for Dynamic deformation (10 times better)

30 mm Static deformation (1.5 time higher)

Two independent temperature control loops for better temperature homogeneous

New Air chiller down to -70 OC

Ergonomy - height adaptation !!!

Auto-identification the sample holder by RFID technology 



21st March, 2022

We are pleased and honored to be appointed by EQUITECH as their exclusive distributor in Southeast Asia with effect from 15th March 2022.

EQUITECH is a manufacturer of opto-electronic solutions (devices + software) for in-line process measurements. EQUITECH developed a unique technology to measure UV-Vis in the process line and in real-time for a myriad of samples such as slurries, pastes, molten polymers, liquids, solids and gases.


Distribution Agreement with FOM Technologies A/S
March 2021

We are excited to announce that LMS Technologies Pte Ltd has signed a distribution agreement with FOM Technologies A/S, a leading manufacturer of Slot-die coating machines and equipment that enables researchers, scientists, and professionals, to discover, develop and commercialize new functional materials for a cleaner and more sustainable world.

FOM Technologies A/S will be represented by LMS Group of companies including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.



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