AutoCLAD™ – VisionPro® & PatMax®

AutoCLAD™ software has been built from the ground up using Cognex Vision Pro® and combines vision tools and CAD/CAM-like features to enable automatic creation of CNC programs on all Huffman systems.

Powerful features include image processing, edge detectors and complex geometric programming to automatically accommodate part variations of aero engine or IGT turbine components.

  • High Precision Imaging using Telecentric Lens Technology
  • Controls Laser Power, Powder Flow, Machine Motion and Feed Rate
  • Controls Weld Path Position
  • A Windows® Look and Feel
   Pattern Matching is a Patented geometric “pattern matching” technology
   Object Orientation – PatMax tolerates changes in object orientation
   Changes in Scale – PatMax is able to locate objects despite variations


Laser Cladding Applications

Huffman Systems are used in a range of repair applications for gas turbine engines.

Huffman has developed a range of proven applications for repairing gas turbine engine components used in the Aviation and Electric Power Generation industries. These applications are based on metal “Powder Fed – Directed Energy Deposition technology,” an additive manufacturing process which utilizes an intense laser energy source to precisely restore and repair high value metal components. Huffman Production Repair Systems/Processes are Installed at all

Leading GTE OEMs for applications including: Blisk Impeller Blade Tip Repair, Cladding of Compressor Vane Trailing Edge, Fan Blade Repair, “Z” Notch Hardfacing, Guide Vane ID and OD Restoration, HPT Vane Doublet Repair, CF6-50 Jet Engine Nozzle Guide Vane Repair among others.

Benefits of Huffman Repair Processes include:

  • Reduced Heat Affect Zone (HAZ) and Cracking
  • Minimized Base Metal Dilution
  • Reduced Base Metal Distortion
  • Reduced Base Metal Stress
  • Near Net Shape, Minimized Post-weld Machining/Blending



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