Gefran Melt pressure sensors will meet your needs in plastics processing. Gefran offers different Melt pressure transducers for different applications at high process temperatures of up to 540°C; the transducers typically are in direct contacts with abrasive, adhesive or aggressive plastic polymer compounds.


Melt Pressure Sensors, correlated products and accessories

Fluid free (I Series) IMPACT

The IMPACT series represents the innovative family of the Gefran high temperature melt pressure transducers designed on a patented fluid free technology.

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Sodium-Potassium (NaK) filled (K Series)

Between the filled-in Gefran sensors the Melt pressure transducers filled with sodium-potassium are those able to work at the highest temperatures (i.e. up to 538°C), assuring a total compliance with the maximum levels of accuracy and of reliability.

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Oil-filled (W Series)

The oil-filled melt pressure sensors, designed by Gefran on an extensometric technology, are suitable to work at high temperature, up to 315°C, assuring a total compliance with the maximum levels of accuracy and of reliability.

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Mercury filled (M Series)

The mercury-filled melt pressure sensors, designed by Gefran, are suitable to work with high temperature process media, up to 400°C, and are specifically designed to measure and control melt pressure on plastic machinery, typically extruders.

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Indicators / Controllers

The pressure indicator 96x48 (1/8 DIN) format, have a lexan membrane faceplate (guaranteed to IP65) which has 3 keys, a 5 digit display and 4 indicating LED’s for the output statuses. The input signal can be selected from a wide range of sensors Potentiometer, Strain-gauge pressure sensor or Load cell with sensitivity auto range between 1,5 and 3,3mV/V. Sampling time and trip intervention programmable between 15 and 120msec allow to have a fast response in case of dangerous situation.

MODEL : 40B96, 40TB, 2400, 2500


Rupture Disks

Rupture disks, also known as burst plugs or soft plugs, are used for emergency pressure relief of an extruder. They are designed to instantaneously rupture at a specific pressure.

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Mounting hole drilling kit

A properly machined mounting hole is vital to optimal operation of a melt pressure transducer or transmitter. Poorly machined holes can result in damage that causes unreliable output or even total failure.

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Mounting Hole Cleaning Kit

The Cleaning Tool Kit is used to remove excess plastic from transducer mounting holes prior to installation. Installation of transducers into plugged and/or dirty mounting holes is a major cause of installation-related damage.

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Transducer simulator mV/V

The TS3 simulates the output of a Gefran mV/V melt pressure transducer (M3 and W3 series) at various pressure levels. It also simulates any strain gage-based transducer and is available in either a 6-pin (TS36) or 8-pin (TS38) version.

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