Tape Line (SSA®)

ชุดทดสอบวัตถุดิบจาก Tape ทึบแสง

The OCS Tape Line type SSA® is used in the wire and cable industry to detect surface irregularities (nips) on non-transparent polymer films (tape). The SSA® Line consists of a Measuring Extruder (ME) and a Modular Film Analyser with a Chill Roll (MFA-CR). During surface measurement, the extruded polymer film (tape) passes over a chill roll, which transports the tape to the Surface Quality Analyzer (SQA).

This high-resolution CMOS camera system measures the height of surface defects (also known as nips or agglomerates) with a resolution of 1 µm using a specially developed measuring roll. In addition, the base diameter and the diameter at half the height of the surface defects are measured with a resolution of 10 µm. The provided analysis software allows the user to define height and diameter classes and classify the measured pips based on these definitions.

The pips can then be marked with the LASER Marking System (LM100) or the Label Printer (LP100). The polymer film is then cut into strips using the OCS Film Cutter and Sorter (OFC100) and sorted into containers. The entire system can be easily managed via the control unit with software-based touch panel, for example to set device parameters, film tension and speed.

Testable Raw Materials: Pellets/non-transparent polymer films (tape), powder and flakes

  • Measuring Extruder (ME) comes with flexible height adjustment (infusion position)
  • Maintenance and cleaning positions of the Measuring Extruder (ME) can be approached via electric motor
  • Modular architecture of the Modular Film Analyser (MFA) to facilitate customisation of additional measuring devices
  • Operation via touch panel with data trend as well as optical and acoustic alarm functions
  • All system parameters are monitored and saved in the touch panel control system
  • Several options for data communication available
  • Measuring Extruder (ME20/ME25/ME30) with pip die of 50 mm
  • Modular Film Analyser with one Chill Roll (MFA-CR)
  • Surface Quality Analyser (SQA100) – optionally with Film Thickness Measurement



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