Fenix 200 ACL

เครื่องทดสอบความแข็งแบบร็อคเวลล์ รุ่น Fenix 200ACL

Load cell, closed loop, force feedback, test force application system, absolutely unique in this class of instruments. Limited mechanical structure, without weights or weight selection. Hardness scales can be selected on the digital display, no chance for wrong force setting. 

Conduct Rockwell & Brinell hardness testing with great force precision and without the disadvantage of a relative complex mechanical dead weight system. Wide selection of Brinell test forces.

  • Load cell, closed loop, force feedback, force application system, error < 0, 25%
  • Rockwell scales A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, P, R, S, V
  • Brinell scales HBW1/10, HBW1/30, HBW2.5/15.625, HBW2.5/31.25, HBW2.5/62.5, HBW2.5/187.5, HBW5/25, HBW5/62.5, HBW5/125, HBW5/187.5, HBW10/100
  • Digital display for scale indication, dwell time count down and calibration function
  • Start/stop & menu selection buttons
  • Adjustable dial indicator with 0.5 HR Rockwell units
  • Throat depth 150mm
  • Working height 240mm
  • Machine weight (net) 116kg
  • Machine dimensions H765mm/W270mm/D555mm



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