เครื่องทดสอบความแข็งแบบร็อคเวลล์ รุ่น Verzus 720RS

The VERZUS 720 RS(B) is constructed around a rock solid C-frame with supreme rigidity.

The closed loop system based on a load cell and precision force actuator guarantees the best GR & R results. The test forces can range from 1kgf to 250kgf and a full test cycle can be as little as 13 seconds (at a dwell time of 10 seconds). Due to the depth measurement via an optical system a direct depth reading of 0.1 micron is a standard feature.

For demanding users the VERZUS can be equipped with a motorized spindle (optional) that lifts your work piece, without any effort, to the required testing position.

  • Scales: Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell (RSB model), HBT & HVT, Ball indentation for plastic ISO 2039/1
  • Test Forces: 3, 10 kgf pre-load; 15, 30, 45, 60, 100, 150kgf main load
  • Load App. System: All Brinell test forces from 1kgf – 250kgf (RSB model). Fully automatic, Load cell, closed loop, force feedback
  • Control:Fully integrated Windows Controller, SSD hard disk, Windows 10 operated, IMPRESSIONS™ advanced workflow software, includes automatic measurement, keyboard & mouse
  • Display: 6.5’’ Industrial HD touch screen, embedded
  • Software: CSV files, single readings, reports, printer
  • Advanced Output: No. of tests, Mean, St. Deviation, Min., Max., Range, CP, CPk, individual readings list, storage memory, Dwell time, test force setting, scale selection, calibration etc
  • Illumination: Adjustable workpiece illumination
  • Spindle: Traditional cast iron frame with spindle and spindle bellows. Clamp to protect indenter and fix workpiece to anvil or stage
  • Workpiece Acc.: 315mm (H) X 200mm (D)



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For more information about our products, please visit

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