Mobile Optical Surface Profilometer TRACEiT

TRACEiT is by far the only mobile measurement instrument which measures the surface profiles in a fast, mobile, optical, non-contact fashion. The real-time measurement of 3D topography as well as the documentation of visual impression makes it widely used in R&D for new material development as well as in the quality control of manufacturing processes.


Parameters which can be measured with TRACEiT® include:

  • Visual appearance
  • Roughness
  • 3D Topography / Mapping
  • Light intensity
  • Porosity
  • Effective contact area
Load range 1 to 100 mN (Model UST ® 100)
1 to 1000 mN (Model UST ® 1000 for harder surfaces and coatings)
Traverse speed 0.1 to 10 mm/s
Measurement area 60 mm x 60 mm
Resolution x- direction: 1 μm, y- direction: 0.1 μm , z- direction: 60 nm
  • Automotive, Aerospace, Marine Engineering: Leather, textiles, coatings, plastics, paints
  • Paper industry: Drawing, printing, safety paper, ancient paper
  • Security paper: banknote, counterfeit identification, passport, ID
  • Art / Cultural heritage: Paintings, sculptures, wood, sandstone
  • Customs: counterfeit identification
  • Medical: Skin cancer, scar formation, skin structure
  • Cosmetics: Skin type and structure