CoreAFM: The Essence of Atomic Force Microscopy

Intelligently combining the core components of AFM to achieve maximum versatility and ease of use, CoreAFM is a perfect alternative for everyone.

  • Compact by design, with a complete and streamlined feature set
  • The fusion of a modern flexure-guided scanner, XYZ sample stage, camera, active vibration isolation table, and air-flow protection in a single all-in-one unit results in a complete AFM system with an unparalleled compact footprint. All the essential functions of modern AFM are integral components of the CoreAFM system.
  • A real performer that is both powerful and versatile
  • State of the art electronics with 24-bit ADC and DAC results in high-resolution XYZ driving of the 100×100×12 μm scanner and allows for low-noise force detection limited only by the cantilever. Varieties of standard and optional modes with fully compatible add-ons make the CoreAFM the tool of choice for applications, from materials research to life science and electrochemistry. Starting from the basic CoreAFM system its functionality can be seamlessly extended.
  • Simplicity and functionality that offer top value for money
  • The minimalist and integrated design approach makes every component essential to its function. CoreAFM this means more value for your money.