PVT 500

เครื่องวัดความหนืด ชนิดแคปปิลารี่ รุ่น PVT 500

Testing Instrument for Isothermal/Isobaric PVT Measurements

PVT stands for Pressure, Volume and Temperature. The specific volume can be described as a function of pressure and temperature. This material-specific relationship is a material property and can be measured with the PVT 500 according to ISO 17744.

The PVT 500 can perform measurement in both isothermal and isobaric condition. In an isothermal PVT measurement, the specific volume at constant temperature is determined as a function of pressure. When conducting an isobaric measurement, the pressure is maintained constant while the sample is typically cooled down and the resulting volume is measured.

The isobaric measurement process is similar to the actual production process in injection molding and the data obtained is especially relevant for the simulation of injection molding processes. Knowledge of the shrinkage behavior is extremely important when designing molds. In addition, a PVT measurement also provides a precise description of the cooling process as it takes place in a process such as extrusion.

Besides measurements according to ISO 22007 and ASTM D5930, the PVT500 is can also perform measurements according to ISO 17744. Since its efficient air conditioning, the testing device does not need an additional thermostat, which saves significant amount of space.

The PVT 500 can also perform thermal conductivity measurements with optional add-on equipment to ASTM D5930 or ISO 22007

  • PVT measurement either isobaric or isothermal according to ISO 17744
  • High piston force of 20 kN
  • Test channel diameter 9.5 mm, maximum pressure 2500 bar
  • Dynamic speed range: 0.0001 - 30 mm/sec (0.006 - 2400 mm/min)
  • Position detection by high-resolution encoder (0.000053 mm)
  • New air-cooling system, cooling rate max. 30 K/min
  • No liquid cooling required (but optionally available)
  • Integrated tempering jacket
  • Optimized test chamber, low heat supply required



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