EB 20

The EB 20 is also one of the cell ageing ovens from ELASTOCON, which can perform measurement of ageing of rubber/plastic materials under controlled conditions. This instrument is equipped with 6 cells, with individual temperature control and air exchange rate for all cells. It can accommodate up to 24 test pieces. 

EB 20 is one of the latest generation of cell ageing ovens from Elastocon, for precision ageing of rubber and plastic materials under controlled conditions. 

Two temperature sensors are used, one for temperature control and one for measuring the temperature close to the samples. This sensor can also be connected to a logging software.

  • Temperature variation in time ± 0,25°C
  • Temperature variation in space ± 0,5 %
  • Temperature indicator with sensor in each cell (PLC)
  • Temperature controller with 0,1°C set point (PLC)
  • Adjustable upper and lower temperature limits with alarm (PLC)
  • Controlled from a micro PLC, with a colour touch screen
  • Test names can be given in the PLC
  • Special design with controlled air exchange rate and low air speed
  • Built in air pump
  • Alarm for low air pressure (PLC)
  • Improved insulation reduces energy consumption, environmental impact and cost
  • Cooling channels in the casing for low surface temperature
  • Indication of power failure (PLC)
  • Run-time meter (PLC)
  • Countdown timer for each cell (PLC)
  • Alarm history
  • Microfilter for the air which removes 99,99% of all particles over 0,1 Μm