EB 30

The ELASTOCON EB 30 Hot Set Oven Basic is used for hot set testing of cable material according to IEC 60811-507 and technically equivalent standards. 

The oven is built on a heating cabinet with a look through window on the door. Measurements can beperformed through the window with a laser pointer which is mounted on a measuring scale placed on the door. The line laser has auto shut off function when the door is opened. All measurement results can be entered into a spreadsheet template (included) using a computer forthe calculation of both the weight necessary for each sample, and the hot set test result. 

The instrument will come with 4 different templates and ready to be installed on your computer for the usage in the spreadsheet software. The templates are used for testing 3 flat samples, 3 round samples, 4 flat samples which can consist of 2 different materials, and 4 round samples which can consist of 2 different materials. Final test report will be generated by these templates.

  • According to IEC 60811-507 and technically equivalent standards
  • Temperature range from +40°C to +200°C
  • Temperature variation in time ±0.3°C
  • Temperature variation in space ±1.3 %
  • Temperature controller with 1°C setpoint
  • Solid state relay for safe control
  • Over temperature safety relay
  • Cooling channels in the casing for low surface temperature
  • Laser pointer for measuring the elongation