Stress Relaxation Test system


The ELASTOCON Stress Relaxation Test System is used for continuous measurement either in compression or tension. It is widely used by customers all over the world and complies with standards such as ISO 3384, ISO 6914 and ASTM D6147. This system is highly customizable and configurable to suit the needs and applications for each customer.

  • Less manual work, measurement will continue throughout the test after it is started.
  • Logging automatically and continuously which means that if wanted, it is possible to obtain measured values from any given point from the test after the test is terminated.
  • No physical movement of the rigs after the test is started.
  • Most of Elastocon’s customers around the world ask for this type of testing, several big companies have it in their company standard.
  • Possible to run tests automatically according to ISO 3384-1, ISO 3384-2 as well as ISO 6914 and other technically equivalent standards.
  • Possible to run tests automatically with either stable or cyclic temperatures.
  • Test either in compression or tension, in air/gases or liquid.
  • Automatic testing according to ISO 3384-1 method B with a programmable oven.
  • Cycling testing according to ISO 3384-2 in temperature interval -40 to +250 °C

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