RPA Visco- Elastograph

The RPA Visco-Elastograph of GOETTFERT is a Rubber Process Analyzer, which is used for dynamic testing of rubber compounds, natural- or synthetic rubber according to highest ISO and ASTM standards.

It is used to determine the viscoelastic material behaviour in a plastified state during vulcanisation and after vulcanisation of the material sample.

The RPA Visco-Elastograph is a rotational shear Vulcameter with flexible oscillating frequency and amplitude for analyzing, characterization and process simulation of rubber compounds.

  • Dynamic testing of rubber compounds
  • Wide frequency range (0.01 Hz up to 100 Hz)
  • Wide amplitude range (0.01° up to 90°)
  • Temperature range up to 230°C with extreme fast temperature control and homogeneous
  • temperature distribution in the test die
  • Different test chamber design for all kind of materials
  • Matrix tests
  • Setting of 12 test cycles / per cycle - preconditioning : 50 measurement steps => in total 612 sequences
  • Automatic run of measurement steps
  • Max shear rate 43 s-1