Rubber Capillary Rheometer

The Rubber Capillary Rheometer RCR 75 has a measurement force of 75kN for rubber testing in the field of flowing behaviour under processing condition.

It is the high-end instrument of rubber testing with a measurement force of 75kN. Both RCR 75 and RCR 20 (measurement force 20kN) are able to work in extrusion and injection mode. The extrusion mode is determining information about specific flow behavior of the rubber. The second mode is the injection mode, which is analyzing specific behavior during the process of injection moulding.

  • Test under production and processing conditions 
  • Pressure- or speed controlled 
  • Test piston force of max. 20 kN or max. 75 kN
  • Test piston diameter 20, 30 or 35 mm
  • Short test intervals of less than 3 minutes
  • High dynamic speed range: 1:800.000
  • High dynamic piston acceleration: 0-15 mm/s in 0.35 s
  • Position acquisition: high resolution encoder (0.00000064 mm)
  • Dynamic test mode “constant speed” (3 steps)
  • Both versions, including the known RHEOVULKAMETER functions of the previous generation work-speed and stress controlled