Elastocon design and manufactures instruments for hot set testing of cable material according to IEC 811-2-1, and also according to IEC 60811-507 and other technically equivalent standards.


Elastocon also manufactures testing equipment for measurement of the electrical conductivity or resistance in rubber or plastic material for cables.


Rubber polymers are naturally electrical insulators and rubber is also used in many applications as insulation materials for electrical cables. When carbon black is compounded in the rubber, it increases the electrical conductivity and the rubber becomes a semi-conductor. With adding of special types of carbon black, the rubber can change to be more conductive.


Several different methods had been developed to determine the electrical conductivity or resistance. In principle, a voltage is applied across a rubber sample and the electrical current, which passes through the rubber, is measured. This may appear uncomplicated, but in actual fact, it is challenging to achieve in practice due to normally very small currents need to be detected. Furthermore, the resistance of rubber changes with temperature, time of electric exposure and physical stress.


Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia

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Hot Set Tester and Electrical Testers Products

Hot Set Tester EB 16-II

The ELASTOCON EB 16-II Hot Set Tester is used for performing hot set testing of cable material according to IEC 60811-2-1 and other equivalent standards.

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Hot Set Oven Basic EB 30

The ELASTOCON EB 30 Hot Set Oven Basic is used for hot set testing of cable material according to IEC 60811-507 and technically equivalent standards.

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Volume Resistivity Tester EE 01-III

The ELASTOCON Volume Resistivity Tester EE 01‑III is used for measurement of volume resistivity on conductive and semi-conductive rubber and plastic materials, according to ISO 1853 and ISO 3915.

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Resistance Tester EE 02

The ELASTOCON Resistance Tester, EE 02 is used for determination of electrical resistance on conductive and antistatic rubber products according to ISO 2878 and other equivalent standards.

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Volume Resistivity Tester EE 03-III

The ELASTOCON EE 03‑III Volume Resistivity Tester is an instrument used for determination of volume resistivity on semi-conductive materials, according to cable standard IEC 60502-2 and ASTM D257 fig 6 for insulating materials.

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