Crystallization Elution Fractionation (CEF) is a new approach to measure the Chemical Composition Distribution (CCD) in Polyolefins by combining CRYSTAF and TREF separation mechanism. It is of special interest for high speed analysis. 

CEF instrument is a simple and reliable instrument, requiring only an injection valve, a packed column, a pump and IR detector. The autosampler attached to CEF oven deals with samples dissolution in vials of 10 or 20 ml. The instrument has the capability to analyse 42 samples a day with no supervision required.

  • Analysis of a sample every 30 minutes for high speed applications.
  • Simple and reliable hardware.
  • 42 samples can be analyzed sequentially with no supervision required.
  • Fully automated process, including sample preparation, no solvents handling.
  • Glass disposable vials (10 or 20mL).
  • Possibility of using IR4 or IR5 MCT integrated detectors for concentration and composition.
  • Possibility of incorporating a Viscometer detector.
  • Possibility of subambient operation (down to -20ºC) for low crystallinity samples.
  • Low solvent consumption.
  • Very good reproducibility.
  • Virtual instrumentation software with the possibility of remote control for a fast diagnosis.