The CRYSTEX QC instrument represents a step forward in technology for automation of the Soluble or Amorphous Fraction determination in polypropylene copolymers. This is a reliable instrument for continuous operation in the manufacturing plant laboratory with minimum bench space and utilities.

  • Full automation of Soluble Fraction measurement
  • No need for accurate weighing of sample or manual solvent handling
  • Designed for the Process Control/ Quality Control laboratories in the manufacturing plants.
  • Samples can be analysed every 2.5 hours (including dissolution and rinsing time)
  • ReadyC20 for continuous operation 24/7 in manufacturing control laboratories
  • Reliable system and user-friendly software
  • No external filtration or solvent evaporation required.
  • High precision is achieved by automation
  • Built-in IR4 detector for accurate quantification of the fractions and their ethylene content in case of copolymers.
  • Intrinsic viscosity of crystalline matrix and amorphous fraction can be measured by online relative viscometer
  • The analytical signals are automatically acquired by the built-in detectors and processed with generate the full CRYSTEX QC electronic report