NDE/NDT for Materials Science

Advanced Ultrasonic Research Capabilities for Materials Science

Verasonics’ Vantage platform provides high performance, programmable phased array and multi-channel ultrasound systems for academic and industrial NDE/NDT research and development. Beyond its advantages in phased array ultrasound, including extremely fast FMC/TFM and plane wave, the Vantage system is ideal for implementing a wide variety of techniques for applications such as guided wave tomography, acoustic trapping, acoustic emission monitoring and more.


Hardware Components

  • System configurations with 32, 64, 128 and 256 channels
  • Low-level programmability, with complete control of transmit and receive parameters at the channel level
  • Advanced tri-state transmitter
    • High-fidelity arbitrary waveform generation, with independent programmability per channel
    • Extended transmit option for transmitting waveforms of several milliseconds in length
  • High-speed acquisition and data transfer
    • Data acquisition into local memory at more than 100,000 frames per second
    • High-speed data transfer from the data acquisition system to computer at up to 6.6 GB/s sustained
  • Frequency bandwidth options from 50 kHz to 50 MHz
  • Universal Transducer Adapter (UTA) system with a choice of adapters allows users to connect a broad range of commercially available, or custom, transducers

Software Components

  • Intuitive sequence programming
    • Low-level programmability of the hardware is provided through a MATLAB SDK, enabling precise control of all transmit, receive and sequence timing attributes
    • The user may implement all data processing or, optionally, utilize a range of included signal processing, image reconstruction, display and control functions
  • Image reconstruction option
    • Fast synthetic delay-sum beamforming, supporting TFM, plane wave, virtual source imaging and more
    • Image reconstruction on the order of 107 pixels per second using a standard, commercially available CPU
    • User-programmable synthetic beamforming delays for easy implementation of accurate, high frame-rate imaging for custom applications
  • NDE Research software option
    • An easy to use, high-level graphical interface which complements the low-level user programmability
    • Provides advanced real-time imaging and convenient data acquisition without the need for programming by the user

Customer Support

  • Protect your investment with Verasonics' upgrade program; users can easily adapt and expand their systems to meet the needs of emerging applications
  • Technical support included with each system purchase allows customers to engage with our scientists and engineers for technical questions, e.g. script troubleshooting
  • Extensive product documentation including User Manuals, a Sequence Programming Tutorial, and Application Notes
  • The Verasonics Community web site offers an online library of training videos, product documentation and a repository of novel programming
  • Multiple software toolboxes and library of over 500 example scripts make the system easy to use and provides a head start for programming the system
  • Training events offered multiple times per year
  • Versatile Multi-channel Acquisition and Analysis System
  • Phased Array Imaging with Real-Time FMC & TFM Capability
  • Ultra-High Frame Rate Imaging with Plane Wave Technology
  • Nonlinear Imaging
  • Volumetric (3D) Imaging

Verasonics’ research ultrasound solutions provide a platform for ultrasonic, acoustic and material science research and development efforts. Researchers across the globe frequently publish groundbreaking advancements made with this technology; Verasonics solutions are often referenced in scientific publications.




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