Haake Modular Advance

Rheometer System

MARS 40 Rheometer

The Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ MARS™s Rheometer is an advanced system that is built to meet the demands of stringent quality control and applied R&D. This highly flexible modular unit allows accuracy, easy handling, and many application-oriented solutions for comprehensive material characterization. User friendly function include New Connect Assist that permits for effortless, error-free exchange of measuring geometries and temperature modules to speed up the workflow.

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Torque Range Min. torque rotation CS (µNm): 0.02
Min. torque rotation CR (µNm): 0.02
Min. torque oscillation CS (µNm): 0.01
Min. torque oscillation CD (µNm): 0.01
Max. torque (mNm): 200
Torque resolution (nNm): 0.1
Angular Resolution (nrad) 12
Max. Lift Speed Max. lift speed (mm/s): 20
Max. lift travel (mm): 240
Gap resolution (µm): 0.5
Bearing Air bearing: 2x radial, 1x axial
Min. Lift Speed Min. lift speed (µ/ms): 0.02
Motor Type Drag cup
Motor Inertia (kgm2) 10-5
Frequency Range Min. oscillation frequency (Hz): 10-6
Max. oscillation frequency (Hz): 100
Normal Force Min. Normal force (N): 0.01
Max. Normal force (N): 50
Normal force resolution (N): 0.001
Operating Temperature Range Min. temperature (°C): -150
Max. temperature (°C): 600
Depending on temperature modules
Rotational Speed Range Min. rotational speed CS (rpm): 10-7
Min. rotational speed CR (rpm): 10-8
Max. rotational speed (rpm): 1500 (High shear option: 4500 rpm)
Step in velocity (ms): 10

Application-specific accessories and workflows for polymers, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints, inks, coatings, food, construction and building materials


  • Controlled test chamber (-150° to +600°C)
  • Solid clamps for Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA)
  • SER tool from Xpansion Instruments™ to measure elongation
  • RheoScope module to observe polymer melting behavior
  • Software tools such as TTS, Spectra and MWD


  • Broad line of titanium or Hastelloy™ pressure cells that measure up to 300 °C and 600 bar
  • RheoScope module for crystallization behavior studies (“Waxing”)
  • Tribology cell for friction measurements of lubricants and fats

Paints, Inks & Coatings

  • Sample hood including solvent traps
  • Double cone, ring rotor, disposable and other specialized measuring geometries
  • High-shear measuring cell to simulate spaying, atomization processes
  • Range of UV curing measuring cells including thermal assisted curing

Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

  • RheoScope module for stability testing, crystallization, etc.
  • DuNoüy ring and bicone setups for interfacial rheology
  • Special holder for microtitier plates or original binds
  • Submersion flow cell
  • Additional software tool for 21 CFR part 11


  • Universal Peltier temperature control unit - switch between coaxial cylinders, plates and cone in seconds
  • Universal container holder to measure in original sample container
  • Texture analysis of solid materials with sample fixture for bending, breaking tests
  • RheoScope module to investigate crystallization and melting processes
  • Pressure cell to simulate cooking processes

Construction & Building Materials

  • Measuring cell for building materials with vane rotors and exchangeable lamella profiles
  • Universal container holder to measure in original sample container
  • Serrated and sandblasted measuring geometries to avoid sample slippage



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For more information about our products, please visit

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