Haake Viscometer IQ Series

Viscometer IQ Air

Thermo ScientificTM HAAKETM ViscotesterTM iQ and ViscotesteriQ Air rheometers allow measurement and analysis of rheological properties for a wide range of liquid, paste and semi-solid samples. The ViscotesteriQ rheometer is designed to meet the daily rheological requirements of QC labs. The ViscotesteriQ Air rheometer is the smallest commercially available oscillation air bearing rheometer. Both set new benchmark in ease of use, modularity, increased efficiency, and intelligent user guidance, from simple viscosity measurements to complex rheological investigations.

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Torque Range 0.01 mNm - 100 mNm
Torque resolution: 0.001 mNm
Angular Resolution 1.25 µrad
Angular velocity range: 0.001 rad/s – 157 rad/s
0.01 rpm - 1500 rpm
Frequency Range 0.1 Hz – 50 Hz
Minimum deflection angle: 10 µrad
Operating Temperature Range Universal Peltier controlled Module (TM-PE-C)
Coaxial cylinders: -5°C up to 160°C
Plates and cones: 0°C up to 140°C
Depending on ambient temperature
Universal Liquid controlled Module (TM-LI-C32 / - C48)
Coaxial cylinders: -20°C up to 180°C
Plates and cones: -10°C up to 160°C
Depending on the circulator model and the bath liquid
Peltier controlled Plate (TM-PE-P) 0°C up to 160°C
Liquid controlled Plate (TM-LI-P) -20°C up to 180°C
Depending on the circulator model and the bath liquid
Electrically controlled Cylinder (TM-EL-C) up to 300°C
Available for pressure cell configuration
Measuring Method In rotation: Controlled Rate (CR), Controlled Stress (CS)
In oscillation: Controlled Deformation (CD), Controlled Stress (CS)
Shear Rate Shear rate range: 0.004 s -1 - 11415 s -1
(Depending on the measuring geometry used. Calculated theoretical values.)
Shear stress range: 0.04 Pa – 63660 Pa
(Depending on the measuring geometry used. Calculated theoretical values.)
Viscosity Range In rotation: 0.001 Pa s - 600000 Pa s (Depending on the measuring geometry used. Calculated theoretical values.)
In oscillation: 0.03 Pa s and higher
Measuring Geometries Interface Coaxial cylinders, double-gap cylinders, parallel plates, cones, vane rotors
TCP/IP for communication with PC USB: 1 port for USB flash drive for HAAKE ViscotesteriQRheoApp, 1 port for keyboard or barcode reader
Power Supply Autoswitch: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz



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