Rotational Rheometer MARS iQ Air

Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE MARS iQ Air uses air-bearing and provides a wide measuring range over a variety of samples and extended testing capabilities including texture analysis, tribology and pressure-dependent tests. It is an ideal and robust tool to enable fast, consistent rheological characterization via software or an user-friendly touch screen offering possibility to support user with standard operating procedures, instructions or images.

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Torque Range • Min. torque rotation: 0.001 mNm
• Max. torque rotation: 150 mNm
• Min. torque oscillation: 0.001 mNm
• Max torque oscillation: 150 mNm
• Torque resolution: 0.007 µNm
Rotational Speed Range • Min. angular velocity: 0.0001 rad/s
• Max. angular velocity: 209.4 rad/s
• Min. rotation speed: 0.001 rpm
• Max rotation speed: 2000 rpm
Temperature Range • Depending on temperature module, cooling option and upper hood
• Min. temperature: -60 °C
• Max. temperature: 400 °C
Angular Resolution • 0.63 µrad
Frequency Range • Min. frequency: 0.0001 Hz
• Max. frequency: 100 Hz
Normal Force • Min. normal force (N): 0.01
• Max. normal force (N): 50
• Normal force resolution (N): 0.001
Speed Range • Max. lift travel: 230 mm
• Gap resolution: 0.05 µm
• Min. lift speed: 0.05 µm/s
• Max. lift speed: 20 mm/s

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The HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometers are well-suited for the rheological characterization of a broad range of samples from low-viscous or water-like up to stiff and paste-like semisolids:

  • Investigation of paints, coatings and inks: shear viscosity, thixotropy, yield stress, shear recovery, levelling and sagging behavior
  • Rheology and textural properties of foods and foodstuffs: shear viscosity, yield stress, tribology, texture analysis (axial bending, breaking, squeezing tests), phase transition
  • Rheology of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals: viscosity, yield stress, viscoelastic properties, stability tests
  • Rheology of polymer (e.g. polymer melts and solutions): viscoelasticity, phase transitions (glass transition, crystallization, melting), processing behavior (hot melt extrusion, molding, spinning), molecular weight, curing
  • Rheology of petrochemicals (crude oils, fracking liquids and drilling fluids): viscosity, yield stress, pressure dependent properties, stability tests, wax deposition, wax appearance temperature (WAT)
  • Dynamic shear rheometer (DSR) tests according to AASHTO, ASTM and DIN used for bitumen and asphalt
  • Construction and building material (cement paste and slurries): flow properties of suspensions with large particles



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