Rotational Rheometer MARS iQ

Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE MARS iQ is a classical ball-bearing rotational rheometer that ensure intuitive, reliable and flexible rheological measurements. With its modular design and broad accessory portfolio, the HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometer can be quickly adapted to perform rheological tests of samples ranging from water-like to semisolid.

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Torque Range • Min. torque rotation: 0.2 mNm
• Max. torque rotation: 125 mNm
• Min. torque oscillation: 0.2 mNm
• Max torque oscillation: 125 mNm
• Torque resolution: 2.0 µNm
Rotational Speed Range • Min. angular velocity: 0.001 rad/s
• Max. angular velocity: 209.4 rad/s
• Min. rotation speed: 0.01 rpm
• Max rotation speed: 2000 rpm
Temperature Range • Depending on temperature module, cooling option and upper hood
• Min. temperature: -60 °C
• Max. temperature: 400 °C
Angular Resolution • 0.63 µrad
Frequency Range • Min. frequency: 0.01 Hz
• Max. frequency: 20 Hz
Speed Range • Max. lift travel: 230 mm
• Gap resolution: 0.05 µm
• Min. lift speed: 0.05 µm/s
• Max. lift speed: 20 mm/s

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The HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometers are well-suited for the rheological characterization of a broad range of samples from low-viscous or water-like up to stiff and paste-like semisolids:

  • Investigation of paints, coatings and inks: shear viscosity, thixotropy, yield stress, shear recovery, levelling and sagging behavior
  • Rheology and textural properties of foods and foodstuffs: shear viscosity, yield stress, tribology, texture analysis (axial bending, breaking, squeezing tests), phase transition
  • Rheology of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals: viscosity, yield stress, viscoelastic properties, stability tests
  • Rheology of polymer (e.g. polymer melts and solutions): viscoelasticity, phase transitions (glass transition, crystallization, melting), processing behavior (hot melt extrusion, molding, spinning), molecular weight, curing
  • Rheology of petrochemicals (crude oils, fracking liquids and drilling fluids): viscosity, yield stress, pressure dependent properties, stability tests, wax deposition, wax appearance temperature (WAT)
  • Dynamic shear rheometer (DSR) tests according to AASHTO, ASTM and DIN used for bitumen and asphalt
  • Construction and building material (cement paste and slurries): flow properties of suspensions with large particles



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