White-light interferometry is an optical measuring technique for studying surface topography. Due to the relatively large distance between measuring instrument and test surface there is no danger of damaging the sample compared to profiling systems that rely on some sort of stylus. A significant advantage of white-light interferometry compared to other optical height resolving methods like focus variation or confocal microscopy is that the height (Z-direction) resolution is independent of the magnification factor of the used objective. The magnification factor only changes the lateral (X-Y-direction) resolution.


The DataPhysics Surface Profile Analyzer measures the surface topography and roughness parameters using this high resolution white-light interferometry technique.


Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam


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Surface Profile Analyzer Product

Surface Profile Analyzer SPA 25

The DataPhysics Surface Profile Analyzer SPA 25 is used for measurement of surface topography and roughness parameters with very high speed and high resolution. The Instrument utilizes the technique of white-light interferometry which enables surface profile analysis with a height resolution of down to 0.1 nm.

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