The DCAT 9 is the powerful fully automated tensiometer for the weight-based measurement of surface and interfacial tension and the density of liquids and solids. The DCAT 9T features an additional digital thermometer and a liquid temperature control unit TV 70 instead of the standard sample vessel holder SVH 50/70.

  • High-precision electrodynamic compensation weighing system with automatic and manual calibration
  • Software controlled, motor-driven height positioning of the sample receptacles with variable speed
  • Automatic coupling lock for the balance
  • Automatic crash protection for measuring probes during measurement
  • Illuminated sample chamber
  • Integrated magnetic stirrer
  • Standard sample vessel holder SVH 50/70 (DCAT 9)
  • Liquid temperature control unit TV 70 with Pt 100 probe (DCAT 9T)
  • Digital thermometer with connections for two Pt 100 temperature sensors (DCAT 9T)