DIL 402 Expedis Select & Supreme HT

The new dilatometer DIL 402 Expedis Select and Supreme offer state-of-the-art dilatometer technology and are designed for a wide range of sophisticated applications. All instruments of the DIL Expedis series feature the revolutionary NanoEye measuring cell; a new dimension in measuring range and accuracy.

It is the first horizontal dilatometer series on the market which allows for force modulation and, by this means, bridges the gap between dilatometry and thermomechanical analysis (TMA) under oscillatory load.

These two versions are specially designed for both research & development and sophisticated industrial applications: The comprehensive, fully-equipped Supreme model and the upgradable Select type.

Heating Rates 0.001 ... 100 K/min
Sample Holder Systems Single and Dual/Differential System
Measuring System NanoEye
Temperature Accuracy 1 K
Temperature Precision 0.1 K
Repeatability of m. CTE 10-8 1/K
Measuring Range ± 10000 μm ... ± 25000 μm
Resolution 0.1 nm ... 1 nm (over the entire measuring range)
Gas Control 1-way, optional 3-way switch and MFC (Mass Flow Controller)