DMA EPLEXOR High Temperature Series up to 500 N

The EPLEXOR® HT line is the only instrument series on the market which is able to carry out DMA measurements with a maximum dynamic force of 500 N to 1500°C.

Two high-temperature furnaces are available: RT to 1000°C and RT to 1500°C. With a standard furnace (-160°C to 500°C) simultaneously mounted, it is possible to perform consecutive test runs in both the low- and high-temperature range. EPLEXOR® HT instruments can thus cover the entire temperature span from -160°C to 1500°C.

The electronics within the system automatically identify which furnace is currently in use.

Temperature range

-160°C to 1500°C; the full temperature range can be covered

if the instrument is equipped with the low-temperature and one high-temperature furnace

Frequency range 0.01 to 100 Hz; optional: 0.0001 Hz; 200 Hz
Static force range max. 1500 N
Dynamic force range from ± 25 N up to ± 500 N (depending on instrument type, see table)
Force sensor

interchangeable; nominal forces available from 10 N to 500 N

(depending on the instrument type and configuration)

Static displacement for compensating of high static forces and for extending the operation range
Static displacement max. 60 mm
Dynamic amplitude

from ± 1.5 mm up to ± 6 mm

(depending on the instrument type and system configuration)

Measurement modes for applications above 500°C asymmetric and 3/4-point bending, compression
Work space of the high-temperature furnaces cylindrical chamber, diameter: 70 mm, height: 120 mm



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