Accurate measurements of Heat Build-up or Blow out processes and the determination of the thermal set can be realised by our GABOMETER® system – a development based on the established Goodrich Flexometer.

Both, force and elongation controlled tests can be carried out with this modern type of Flexometer. The GABOMETER® is suitable to improve the thermal dissipation and the durability of semi-finished tire components, dampers or absorbers.

Additionally, the new generation provides the measurement of the material stiffness (E modulus, tan δ - option) and damping.

Temperature range

30 Hz

0.5 up to 50 Hz continuously (option, depending on model)

Static Strain Range up to 60 mm
Dynamic Strain Range ± 1.5 mm (optional up to ± 10 mm)
Force Range up to 2500 N
Static displacement for compensating of high static forces and for extending the operation range
Temperature Range RT up to 300°C
Test Specimen size

Diameter: up to 30 mm (optional < 40 mm), depending on model

Length: 25 mm