Thermal Conductivity


Thermal conductivity and diffusivity are the most important thermophysical material parameters for the description of the heat transport properties of a material or component. For the precise measurement of thermophysical properties like the thermal diffusivity, the Laser Flash technique (LFA) has proven itself as a fast, versatile and precise absolute method. NETZSCH offers four LFA models, covering the entire spectrum of materials and temperatures.

Based on an absolute measurement method, the GHP 456 Titan is the ideal instrument for the determination of thermal conductivity of insulations.

The thermal conductivity as another significant thermophysical property is determined by means of heat flow meters (HFM) with the plate method for insulators.


Thermal Conductivity Products

LFA 467 HT HyperFlash® – Light Flash Apparatus

Accurate thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity measurements between RT and 1250°C with Xenon Flash

The LFA 467 HT HyperFlash® is based on the already-established LFA 467 HyperFlash® technology and requires no laser class due to the innovative light source system. The long lifetime of the xenon lamp provides cost-effective measurements until 1250°C without costly consumables.

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LFA 467 HyperFlash® – Light Flash Apparatus

Broadest temperature range available, from -100°C to 500°C

With a single instrument setup – that is, without having to swap out either the detector or the furnace – the LFA 467 HyperFlash® can carry out measurements from -100°C to 500°C. Coupled with the broadest range of accessories available on the market, the instrument opens the door to completely new dimensions in the determination of thermophysical properties.

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LFA 427

Laser Flash technique over the broadest temperature range

Thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity are the most important thermophysical material parameters for characterizing the thermal transport properties of a material or component. The Laser Flash technique is currently the most widely accepted method for precise measurement of the thermal diffusivity and the LFA 427 is the number one instrument on the world market.

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LFA 457 MicroFlash

State-of-the-art technology for thermophysical properties

The NETZSCH LFA 457 MicroFlash® complies with the latest technology for modern laser flash systems. The table-top instrument allows measurements from -125°C to 1100°C using two different user-exchangeable furnaces.

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HFM 446 Lambda Series

Saving and Efficient use of Energy

Never before has the topic of the saving and efficient use of energy attracted as much attention in economics and politics around the globe as it does today. Research and development efforts in industry and academia worldwide are addressing topics that contribute to saving energy or generating energy from alternative resources.

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GHP 456 Titan®

Innovative Guarded Hot Plate System GHP 456 Titan® for Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Insulations

 The GHP 456 Titan® is the ideal tool for researchers and scientists in the field of insulation testing. Based on the well-known, standardized guarded hot plate technique (e.g. ISO 8302, ASTM C177, DIN EN 12939 or DIN EN 12667), the system features unrivalled performance over an unmatched temperature range.

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The Most Established Method for the Determination of Thermal Diffusivity

In modern industries, the knowledge of thermal properties, specifically thermophysical properties, becomes more and more important. They are required, for example, for the development of heat release materials of advanced and miniaturized electronics, thermoelectric materials as sustainable energy, insulating materials for saving energy, TBCs (thermal barrier coatings) for turbine blades, and safety operation of nuclear plants, etc.

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