GHP 456 Titan®

Innovative Guarded Hot Plate System GHP 456 Titan® for Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Insulations

The GHP 456 Titan® is the ideal tool for researchers and scientists in the field of insulation testing. Based on the well-known, standardized guarded hot plate technique (e.g. ISO 8302, ASTM C177, DIN EN 12939 or DIN EN 12667), the system features unrivalled performance over an unmatched temperature range.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with the highest quality standards, NETZSCH has designed a robust and easy-to-operate instrument, featuring unparalleled reliability and optimum accuracy over a broad temperature range.

The NETZSCH GHP 456 Titan® is the new benchmark in Guarded Hot Plate measurements.

Temperature range

-160 to 250°C (low temperature version, liquid nitrogen required)

-160 to 600°C (high temperature version, liquid nitrogen required)

Thermal Conductivity range 0 to 2 W/(m*K)
Atmospheres inert, oxidizing, or vacuum

high – typically ± 2%

(depending on the measuring conditions and the sample properties)

Sample thickness up to 100 mm
Plate dimensions 300 mm (standard versions)
Vacuum-tight by design (down to 5x10-4 mbar)
Cooling devices

- Compressed air: 50°C to 300°C

- Liquid nitrogen: -160°C to 250°C

- Chiller: 20°C to 85°C

Based on e.g. ISO 8302, DIN/EN 12667, DIN/EN 12939, DIN/EN 13163, etc.